Luxury Vinyl Floorboards


The inspiration.. the trees journey begins with a seed in the soil. From there nature and the elements shape and finesse its character and beauty through its nurturing and fury. Drought, wind, floods and fire all mould and enhance the timbers appeal, from clean forest grown timbers right through to those feature grains twisted, greyed and bleached by nature. We invite you to celebrate this journey, welcome to House & Haven.


Think about it… . the floor is your homes foundation, its what drives its soul both practically as well as aesthetically. At House & Haven we recognise this so we’ve drawn inspiration from the trees and the colours of nature that surround us. This coupled with the best technology our globe has to offer we bring you an inspired collection of luxury vinyl floorboards, artisanal at heart with a practical footprint.

You are unique! Express yourself by creating an ambiance born out of harmony and authenticity. As in the trees journey, its uniqueness comes from nature and the elements that finesse and shape its strength, colour and beauty. Equally each design and colour in the House & Haven luxury floorboard collection is carefully considered and selected to compliment current interior trends and capture moments in the timbers unique journey. Embrace this authenticity. Use it to express your style and your uniqueness.


This collection of Luxury vinyl floorboards was born out of a strong desire and philosophy to connect with like-minded people who understand and want beautiful interiors that work. Collectively the House & Haven team has spent over 70 years in the design and flooring industry and feels it’s time to get back to basics and explore wholesome values. Having searched, we found what we believe is technically the most advanced material collage for contemporary living. Couple this with on trend design and texture, we have the ability to offer a holistic solution, beautiful and worth living with. There are enough products out there that have been designed to meet a price point. To do this something needs to be compromised. At House & Haven we have decided to offer overall value and are proud of what we are able to offer to you… A luxury flooring solution that embraces an artisanal aesthetic, with a practical footprint.


To Ensure authenticity and interior harmony all our floorboards are offered in a wide board format as standard. In length, we have the 120 Series as well as an enhanced new 150 Series long-board designed to accentuate and project a more expansive and spacious feel. At we discuss laying options and how they along with elements of colour, light and texture can foreshorten, open or help define a space.


  • authentic en-trend design and colour
  • natural woodgrain surface emboss
  • firm flexible underfoot comfort
  • family friendly slip resistance
  • easy-care PUR surface coating
  • nano-silver antimicrobial protection
  • fiberglass stabilizing membrane
20 Year Residential
10 Year Commercial


Practical, comfortable and hygienic… your floor is the most tortured surface in your home and could be the source of an impractical nightmare… Relax… have a look around and see what flooring is used in places like supermarkets and health care facilities. Generally you will find it’s practical, comfortable and hygienic vinyl. It’s this extreme performance technology coupled with our on-trend authentic timber aesthetic that brings you an unsurpassed flooring system absolutely ideal for a busy family home. Beautiful, safe and resilient. There is no longer the need to restrain your children for having fun or a run or to quell your pets’ excitement when you get home. Its life, live it, its your home, live in it, after all its House and Haven.


SERIES | 120

European Oak's character and depth of tradition makes it a popular species throughout the world. The timeless beauty of the aged oaks, their weathered efect representing the raw timber's transformation over time with exposure to the elements.


SERIES | 150

European Oak's character and depth of tradition makes it a popular species throughout the world. The timeless beauty of the aged oaks, their weathered efect representing the raw timber's transformation.