Luxury Flooring


Choose Your Flooring

Ask an architect, interior designer or decorator, The floor and flooring considerations are one of the most important as it impacts the space visually, acoustically and is responsible for creating the rooms ambience warmth and comfort, after all it is the largest surface and has the most impact visually. It will have to endure the most wear and tear and acoustically it will have a huge influence. Choose wisely and you won’t be sorry. If it’s cheap, it’s cheap for a reason – you decide.

Think about it… . the floor is your homes foundation, its what drives its soul both practically as well as aesthetically. At House & Haven we recognise this so we’ve drawn inspiration from the trees and the colours of nature that surround us. This coupled with the best technology our globe has to offer we bring you an inspired collection of luxury vinyl floorboards, artisanal at heart with a practical footprint.